• The southernmost point of the continent is marked by a stone cairn, indicating where the two oceans meet. There is a large relief map of Africa near the cairn to help visitors contextualise the point.

    Cape Agulhas

    Photographer Kim Wimberley travelled to the southernmost point in Africa, Cape Agulhas, in the southern Cape, in early Spring. My husband Steve and I live in Durban, on the sunny east coast. We love travelling around our beautiful country, enjoying its lovely landscapes, mountainous areas, desert-like areas such as the Karoo, the sandy beaches and the craggy coastlines. Recently, we travelled to Agulhas National Park, which is at the southernmost tip of Africa. This is where the Atlantic and Indian Oceans meet. It is a beautiful and tranquil place to spend a few days. The stylish cottages offer breathtaking sea views and radiant sunsets. It is soothing to fall asleep…