Photo Submission Style Guide

Thank you for considering submitting your photographs to Write Away magazine. We greatly value your contributions and look forward to showcasing your work. To ensure consistency and maintain the highest standards of quality, we have put together this style guide for photo submissions.

1. Image Quality:

Photos must be of high resolution and clarity, with no visible noise or artefacts.

Avoid over-processing, which can lead to loss of detail or unnatural effects.

2. Resolution:

Submit images with a minimum resolution of 3000 pixels on the shorter side.

Ensure images are in a 3:2 aspect ratio for landscape or 4:5 for portrait.

3. Composition:

The composition should be well-balanced and visually engaging.

Consider the rule of thirds, leading lines, framing, and other compositional techniques to create dynamic and compelling visuals.

Avoid excessive centering or cluttered backgrounds that distract from the main subject.

4. Message and Storytelling:

Each photograph should convey a clear message or tell a story.

Images should provoke thought, evoke emotion, or inspire the viewer in some way.

Pay attention to context and capture moments that have significance or resonance.

5. Coloring:

Consistent colour grading or toning is appreciated, but avoid overly saturated or unnatural colours.

Ensure colours are balanced and harmonious, contributing to the overall mood and message of the photograph.

6. Subject Matter:

We accept a wide range of subjects, including but not limited to landscapes, portraits, street photography, abstracts, architecture, and nature.

Ensure that the subject matter is relevant and aligns with the magazine’s theme and content focus.

7. Originality and Copyright:

Only submit photographs that you have taken and to which you hold the rights or have obtained proper permissions.

Do not submit images that infringe on the intellectual property rights of others.

8. File Format:

Submit images in JPEG or TIFF format.

Please do not submit watermarked images.

9. Metadata and Caption:

Include relevant metadata, such as camera model, settings, and location (if applicable).

Provide a brief caption or description that adds context to the photograph.

10. Submission Process:

Use our designated submission portal and follow the guidelines provided on the platform.

11. Feedback and Response:

While we aim to provide feedback on submissions, due to the volume of entries, we may not be able to respond individually to each submission.

12. Camera vs Phone Photos:

Photographs taken on a camera will be preferred to photographs taken on a phone. However, both are acceptable.

By adhering to this style guide, you contribute to the overall quality and cohesion of our online magazine. We appreciate your dedication to the craft of photography and look forward to featuring your work.

Thank you for your contributions!

Write Away Editor Team