Editorial Themes

  1. January – “New Beginnings and Resolutions”
    • Encourage contributors to reflect on fresh starts, resolutions, and aspirations for the new year.
  2. February – “Love, Relationships, and Connections”
    • Explore themes of love, family dynamics, friendships, and cultural bonds.
  3. March – “South African Heritage and Traditions”
    • Showcase articles, photos, and poetry that celebrate the rich cultural heritage of South Africa.
  4. April – “Nature and Conservation”
    • Feature contributions that highlight the natural beauty and environmental issues of South Africa.
  5. May – “Diversity and Inclusion”
    • Promote stories, art, and poems that celebrate the diverse identities and experiences of South Africans.
  6. June – “Youth and Innovation”
    • Focus on the achievements, challenges, and innovations of South African youth both in the country and abroad.
  7. July – “Winter Warmth and Comfort”
    • Encourage submissions that evoke the cozy, nurturing aspects of winter in South Africa.
  8. August – “Voices from the Diaspora”
    • Highlight the experiences, struggles, and triumphs of South Africans living around the world.
  9. September – “Arts, Culture, and Expression”
    • Feature contributions related to visual arts, literature, music, dance, and other forms of cultural expression.
  10. October – “Travel and Exploration”
    • Share stories and images of South African travel experiences and adventures, both within the country and internationally.
  11. November – “Community and Giving Back”
    • Spotlight initiatives, organizations, and individuals making positive impacts in South African communities.
  12. December – “Reflections and Gratitude”
    • Encourage contributors to reflect on the year’s accomplishments and challenges and express gratitude for their experiences.

The Style Guide is here. If you feel you have an important issue you are passionate about and want to write about, please feel free to submit it here.