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    “Love Triumphs: Finding Harmony Amid Ideological Conflict”

    Love, it is said, can cover a thousand sins. Or it might be a hundred – I’m not sure. I’m not great at remembering these things, but the key point is that love is intended to be a positive thing. That we want, as a species, to support, encourage and care for each other is generally seen as a very good thing. And so it should be: the opposite of loving people – as philosophical a point as it is – is believed by some to be hating people. So, here’s a really important question. If you could bottle up all the love that exists in the world, how big…

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    Aurora Borealis-You light up my sky

    Being cold has two meanings: not reacting emotionally to things that have emotional importance to others, and standing out in the freezing cold, wearing too little, shivering too much and just waiting. And waiting. And waiting. You see, people get up to strange things in the cold. Some people like to make, then throw snowballs at each other, some people like to skate – ice skate I mean – on any vaguely thick bit of ice that they can get their teeth into (not literally) and some people like to go for a sauna and then a swim in the nearest piece of ice-cold H2O that they can get to…

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    A Vision of South Africa

    Visions are often meant to be seen as a mental image of the future: people talk about having visions, about seeing visions, about having an image of what might be happening, either in the present or in the future. Well, that’s the eclectic use of the word. Another use of the word vision implies that someone can imagine something different – a change that they can bring about using various resources and individuals to create a new reality, and this is what we talk about when we consider leadership for example, but the same applies to individuals whose only leadership opportunities relate to their own lives or those of their…