About Write Away Magazine

Who is Write Away Magazine?

Simply put, we are the home of the South African story. South Africa is one of the most beautiful, welcoming, and complicated countries in the world. Most South Africans have a very perplexing relationship with our homeland. Worse, it is almost impossible to explain what it means to be from, and away from, South Africa. That is why Write Away Magazine exists. We are a place for all South Africans to share their piece of the South African story.

Write Away Magazine is the brainchild of Dr Martin Challenor and Nyameko Ishmael Bottoman. They met in China while working for Ningbo Focus magazine. They bonded over their love for writing and lamented the absence of a place where all South Africans could tell their story. There were many magazines but there was a certain barrier of entry for anyone who wanted to tell their story. It was from this need that Write Away Magazine was born.

What can you do on Write Away Magazine?

  1. Read articles and stories from South Africans both at home and abroad
  2. Read what people from other countries think and love about South Africa, and sometimes other issues
  3. Browse amazing photos from South Africa
  4. Submit your own South African story or photo gallery and adhere to the style guide.


Submit your story about South Africa to editors@writeawaymag.com with photographs you want in the story. Don’t forget a gorgeous writer photo with a short description of who you are and any social links you would like added.

We look forward to hearing and sharing your story with the world.

Martin Challenor and Nyameko Bottoman in Cape Town getting ready to tell a South African story
Martin Challenor and Nyameko Bottoman in Cape Town. Picture taken by Kathleen Challenor