New Beginnings

For New Beginnings, there always have to be endings. The Mayans were a very intelligent people, and were very good at that. They divided up world history into different times, eras if you like, with each one ending with a cataclysmic disaster which led into a new era, separated by highly accurate calendars, the last of which ended on December 21 2012. Just before this calendar ended, many scientists, soothsayers and experts foretold of some form of shocking event to mark the end of the Myan calendar, and waited with baited breath for something to happen. And guess what, nothing did. Or did it? Maybe the disaster has already happened and we just haven’t noticed yet.

Forget floods, earthquakes, droughts and things like that, that is peanuts compared to what the world is sleep-walking into, and this is artificial intelligence (AI).

Artificial intelligence has been slowly creeping into our lives a little bit at a time, almost like the drip-drip of Chinese water torture, and we globally merely shrug our shoulders and say that’s progress. I mean, how often have you been on-line and a robot asks you to prove you are not a robot? Or if you are on a site and a voice bubble pops up on the bottom right hand side of the screen and says how can I help you? Artificial intelligence is here and we have let it happen.

Can you imagine a world run by AI? Maybe it is already; is Putin a robot? Or Joe Biden, who already walks like one. In the United Kingdom, they keep on having endless committee meetings about just about anything, and that could be helped by AI. In France, they would just surrender to AI. and that would be that. Imagine, if you will, if all governments were just AI and voted in by other AI elements, what would happen? World peace, the end of politics and religion? If that happened what would the media do, with no-one to shout at?  In South Africa, the market for black SUVs with tinted windows would collapse.

Possibly a world run by artificial Intelligence would be a good thing. My housemaster at my school in England said that all my intelligence was artificial anyway, so it probably would not affect me.   

But seriously, a world in the clutches of artificial intelligence would be quite a scary thing, and would the decisions made by AI be beneficial to mankind? In South Africa, it may well mean electricity, clean water and no sewage in the sea, which would be a plus. What worries me is the fact that you can now get an app that actually writes books, stories and pieces for you which is quite alarming. Looks like artificial intelligence is here to stay. I mean, where do you think I got this article from?

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