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South Africa’s BRICS mate: Some strange friends

I had the privilege of being in Sandton when leaders of some countries met at BRICS, in August 2023.

There were some rather shady types in town and I was left with a touch of gratitude to the taxi industry and the Economic Freedom Front.

The leaders, mostly self-appointed and not answerable to anyone, welcomed each other in the name of standing up to America and Europe. The leaders showed their displeasure of not being too welcome in Washington, London or Paris by enjoying fine fare and drink. That must have been terrifying to their imagined foes. Their food and bar bills of around R104 million were certainly terrifying to some local taxpayers.   

Anyway, the presence of the delegations did give rise to some unusual entertainment. For example, fighter jets flew overhead at the start of the gathering. Some young people in the area had never seen nor heard fighter jets in the sky, because the air force had no money for fuel, even if they had jets to fly. There is money for state food but not jet fuel.

And there were police on the streets, sitting around by the dozen. Some residents had forgotten what the police looked like. Yes, everybody knew that the police were present not to protect the residents, but to show the leaders of places like Iran and Saudi Arabia that South Africa was also a police state, or would be if the police did anything other than stand around on the pavement. And at least people saw police officers. That was fun.

The ANC has spent a lot of time with the Russians

Residents I spoke to were further delighted to host the meeting as it meant the traffic lights that had not worked for years were switched back on. Potholes were even fixed. This was one of the finest moments for residents. And the moment was fine for the ANC leaders, not because they could speak about democracy, human rights and an attack on poverty, but because they had a genuine reason – for them – of showing off their blue light brigades. Some cynics in Sandton made fun of the endless blue lights and sirens, but were careful to not act in a way that induced the ANC’s private police to kick them near to death outside Sandton City. There had been a case recently. And to think, some of the leaders were so unpopular at home that they feared being set upon by their own people while in Sandton. One wondered why.

The worrying question arises of who the plotters within the ANC listened to in Sandton and will now follow.  As I said, the ANC had some dubious friends lurking in the shadows at BRICS. The ANC’s cosying up to Putin is distasteful and will come to no good. Putin invaded a neighbouring country and thus murdered women and children. Even as the Russians were feted in Sandton, the Kremin was plotting the murder of that mercenary leader, whose name it is beneath me to type. What I will type is a warning to the leaders of the political parties involved in the coalition talks. The ANC has spent a lot of time with the Russian thugs of late, so you best be very careful about your personal safety. Just warning. One wonders who in the Russian delegation knew of the mission to kill the mercenary.

The newest members of BRICS are Argentina, Egypt, Ethiopia, Iran, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The are similarities between South Africa and Argentina. Argentina displays political and social polarization, and is shaped by high inflation, a drought, insurmountable foreign debt and widespread poverty. The plotters within the ANC no doubt shared notes with their new BRIC-mates on how a government kept going in such a mess. There is talk by the rulers of Argentina of getting rid of the entire political class – except themselves, of course. That must have attraction to the ANC, who see democracy as a problem, not a blessing. The ANC also has an insurmountable debt, which stood at R71 000 and rising for every person in South Africa. Our great grandchildren will still be paying interest on that debt, instead of spending on hospitals, roads, schools and trains.

Ethiopia has a very restrictive Press, with harsh media laws. The state controls most broadcasting outlets. Internet and mobile services have been restricted during periods of social unrest. That must be so attractive to the ANC, and is one way of ending the endless talk of corruption.

Iran is no example to any country on how to enhance the lives of the people. Iran has an autocratic government that shoots protestors in the street. The ruling elite is kept in place by its own private army. You know, not all that dissimilar to the blue light brigade that protects the ANC leaders, except the Iranian version has a religious mission.

Let the men pay for their lust.

Saudia Arabia has scant regards for human rights and stands accused of murdering brave critics. Saudia Arabia also likes to hang criminals.

The UAE is no democracy but does do something of which I approve. South Africa does have the problem of men making unmarried teenagers pregnant. I wager that the girls seldom go on to marry the father. This is a festering social problem. I saw the products of such unions hanging onto the fence of a petrol stop on the N7 road begging for food. That was cruel and undignified. Teenage pregnancy needs to be made unpopular and unfashionable. If a woman falls pregnant in the UAE out of wedlock, she can be jailed. I do not approve of jailing the mothers, but I would act against the fathers.

I am aware that people have the Constitutional right to make decisions on reproduction. But I do not believe that people have the Constitutional right to make teenage girls pregnant and then dump them. I think that we should follow the UAE. So, men who make teenage girls pregnant should be sentenced to prison-labour type work for years. Let the men pay for their lust, not the girls for their bad judgements.

EFF and Taxi preventing a coup

Egypt. On July 3 2023, weeks before gathering in Sandton, the military leaders of Egypt celebrated seizing power from the civil leaders 10 years previously. The military leaders have ruled with an iron fist since then, and with contempt towards people. I expect that ANC plotters had a quite word with their new BRIC-mates on how to seize power in a coup and keep it. And this is why I am slow to criticise the taxi industry and the EFF. These two groups would hopefully never tolerate the ANC seizing power in a coup, because their own interests could suffer. The ANC know it and that might still their urge to seize. The taxi industry and the EFF are probably the only two groups preventing a coup from taking place.

And now for China. I live in China, and I could not wait to get back. I see that China and South Africa spoke about increased trade in avocado pears and beef. When a supermarket in Westville wanted to charge me R12.95 for a small pear, I walked out. I will be able to buy South African avos a lot cheaper than that here in China, so let’s start to seed that trade. Now, in China, if you are in public office, and you prove to be corrupt, or steal, or are dishonest or do not serve the people, you pay. You could lose your party membership, or be demoted, or be jailed or executed. I know of members of the South African cabinet who would have been jailed under Chinese law.

I hope that China spurs South Africa in that direction.

I hope so. And I did see that China is going to help keep on the lights. On behalf of my relatives and friends back home, thank you, China for helping to keep on the lights at home.

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